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We Can Support Your EV Projects in Two Key Ways:

Purchase EV System Components

Howland Technology is a stocking OEM supplier and integrator of virtually everything you need to build an EV system, with the most advanced vehicle technology components, accessories and related technology. We have most of what you need to build an electric vehicle and to power electric off-road EVs, industrial vehicles, automation equipment, recreational vehicles such as golf cars, and stationery equipment, from welding equipment to windmills.

We are premier stocking distributors, authorized factory sales channel partners, system integrators, and direct factory sales agents for world leading technology manufacturers: Curtis Instruments, Auburn-Gear, Hoyt, Delta-Q, Curtis/Albright, Canadian Shunt, Kuebler, World Magnetics Switches, C.F.R. Motors.

All Howland Technology products are ISO Certified and UL, RoHs, and CE Compliant as applicable.

True Engineering Partnership

If you need EV experts to partner with your engineering team, Howland Technology will work with you at every step of your project, from initial prototype design through to production release. Our engineering design services allow your vision to become a reality.

Howland Technology partners with vehicle manufacturers to assist with the design and development of a complete battery-powered electric drive system. We expertly size and specify the entire drivetrain to ensure that all vehicle performance and efficiency targets are met. We also help with the selection of all system elements— from battery packs to electric motors, speed controllers and gearboxes or transaxles— for any electric vehicle application. We can also assist with the design of the complete control system for all mobile application types including: complex electro-hydraulic control systems for material handling trucks, aerial work platforms, construction equipment and other off-highway vehicles.