Come see us at Modex 2022

Visit Howland Technology in at Booth # B907

March 28 - 31, 2022 in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center 

Howland Technology specializes in providing you with the expertise, products and services that you need to design and support customized electric drives for zero-emissions electric vehicles and equipment. This includes: most required systems components, technical support, vehicle software programming and customization, performance optimization, and more. Howland Technology assists OEM and product developers with the integration of the hardware and software of the vehicle control system from the allocation of System-I/O, CAN interfaces, and other system requirements, as needed.

At Modex 2022, Howland Technology will feature a range of innovative new EV products:

  • IPM Motor Technology and Planetary Wheel Drives by CFR, Italy.
  • Inline Wheel Drives w/Hall Effect Sensors by Auburn Gear.
  • New F-Series AC Controllers by Curtis Instruments.
  • Functional Safety Encoders by Kuebler, Germany.
  • The new XV3300 Battery Charger by Delta-Q.

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Curtis offers ECS Module – Electronic Code Switch

The new Curtis ECS module is a flexible, easy to implement, operator identification keypad. The unit ensures only authorized users have access to the machine guaranteeing safe control and secure operation. Operators may identify themselves in multiple ways: through use of a personal pin code, through compatible RFID tags or a combination of the two.

The ECS module is flexible to implement and can easily be integrated into machines with or without a CAN bus. The module incorporates a buzzer and two easy to read status LEDs providing the operator audio and visual feedback regarding identification acceptance and diagnostics. Integrates easily into any system.

For CAN based systems: CANopen implementation with an optionally connected CAN termination resistor. Supports CAN baud rates from 100Kbps to 1 Mbps. For non-CAN based systems: output relay will change state to indicate authorized access. The Curtis ECS module operates in demanding conditions with IP65 front and IP40 (upgradable to IP54) rear ingress protection. It is CE compliant, UL recognized and ROHS2 Compliant.

Key specifications include: 12 to 96 V Nominal Voltage; 9V Min; 120V max. System Voltage: 12 to 96 V, Typical (mA) 25; Max (mA) 136.

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Curtis Introduces New 1238 ‘SE’ AC Controllers

The new 1238SE controller models complete the ‘SE’ series of Curtis AC controllers (inverters). These models are available in four variants and utilize the latest technology to increase the peak current ratings for each size of controller. The Curtis SE range is ideal for the speed and torque control of 3-phase AC motors and intended for use as electric traction or hydraulic pump motor controllers for mobile, on-vehicle applications that require 24-96 VDC nominal battery supply. This ‘SE’ series is configured to work with any AC induction or PMAC motor. The new controller offers easy to use auto-characterization setup and simple on-truck pairing with different Induction motor types. A comprehensive library of induction and PMAC motor types are conveniently stored in the controller memory.

The Curtis 1238SE controller is CE marked as a programmable safety device under EN ISO 13849-1. These controllers meet or comply with relevant US and International Regulations of EN 12895:2015. They are designed to the requirements of: EN1175-1:1998+A1:2010 and EN (ISO) 13849-1 2015. Additionally, 1238SE is IP65 Rated per IEC 60529 and UL recognized per UL583.

Model Motor Type Nominal Battery
Voltage (V)
Max Current
[S2-2 Minute]
Max Current
[S2-60 Minutes]
1238SE-4971 Induction/PMAC 24-36 1000Arms 425Arms
1238SE-5971 Induction/PMAC 36-48 900Arms 395Arms
1238SE-6971 Induction/PMAC 48-80 900Arms 305Arms
1238SE-7971 Induction/PMAC 72-96 900Arms 305Arms


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Everything You Need for Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Everything You Need for Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Guided Vehicles. Howland Technology is a leading technology and systems integration expert for Battery-Electric Vehicles (BEV) specializing in Component and System Integration for Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles. We will support your engineering team at every step in the development of your vehicles or equipment, from initial prototype design through to production release. Howland Technology partners with manufacturers as needed, whether it is to assist with the design and development of a complete unit, or simply to determine the most appropriate components needed for your design. We can expertly ensure that all performance and efficiency targets are met and help with the selection of all system elements for virtually any OEM application. Our sophisticated integrated systems are packed with cutting edge features and functions that make vehicle design simple.

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DesignFlex and World Magnetics Company are pleased to announce the release of the new DesignFlex PSF 111 Pressure and Vacuum switch.

DesignFlex and World Magnetics Company are pleased to announce the release of the new DesignFlex PSF 111 Pressure and Vacuum switch. Designed with hostile applications in mind, the PSF111 series offers a waterproof snap action microswitch, new protective housing and 6” flying leads, making it ideal for use in environments where dust and water ingress may be an issue.

Available in both Pressure and Vacuum configurations with switch ranges from - 11.9 to 60psi, this series is suitable for most pneumatic and fluid systems. With a wide range of field adjustable set points, port configurations and mounting options, the DesignFlex PSF111 Series can be easily integrated into most pressure control systems.

For more info:
Contact: Howland Technology

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Tom Howland joined as an active member of the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT)

Tom Howland becomes an active member of the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT). DAT is the first on-the-scene Red Cross contact at the site of a disaster. Tom’s experience with different charitable organizations has given him a great perspective on the value of giving his time and support in addition to making charitable donations.

"I realize more than ever now how important it is to be prepared for the unexpected things in life.  We can plan all we want, but let’s face it: a lot of events happen in life that are not planned.  The American Red Cross knows this better than any organization I have come across. Quick reactions to mobilize shelters in disaster areas immediately following floods, fires, natural disasters, and more takes plenty of help, resources, and support to help those in need."

Please join us in supporting the American Red Cross by making a direct donation

Tom Howland, President
Howland Technology

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Howland Technology AGV Solutions from Kuebler

Howland Technology AGV Solutions from Kuebler. Automatic Guided Vehicles require compact encoders and draw-wire systems used to determination the speed, the steering angle of the vehicles and the exact position of the load-carrying devices.

Their accurate rotary speed and position signals ensure the reliable operation of the intelligent systems – even when very little space is available. BUS systems ensure the safe signal transmission and simplify notably the cabling work. Howland Technology has done extensive work integrating Kuebler compact and draw wire encoders into AGV applications, as illustrated.

For more info:
Contact: Howland Technology

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Curtis introduces the new Curtis Model 1226 Brushed DC Permanent Magnet Motor Controller

Curtis introduces the new Curtis Model 1226 Brushed DC Permanent Magnet Motor Controller. The new 1226 controller by Curtis provides efficient and optimal control of permanent magnet drive motors for battery powered vehicles. The 1226 model is optimized for use on light duty Class III pallet trucks and sweeper scrubber floorcare machines. Highly flexible programmability allows these controllers to be applied on any low power PM motor application. The 1226 is easily programmed with Model 1313 handheld or 1314 PC programming station or can be supplied pre-programmed. These controllers are compatible with industrial tiller handle wig-wag throttles such as the Curtis Model ET-190E. Troubleshooting and diagnostics are easy. Advanced speed regulation maintains precise speed over varied terrain, obstacles, curbs and ramps. Hydraulic Lift Lockout functionality protects the vehicle’s batteries from damaging level of discharge. These new controllers provide highly flexible I/O.

For more info:
Contact: Howland Technology

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